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Creative Community of Writers

Our Scribe Tribe is a community of creative, freelance (hand)writers who transcribe the gorgeous letters we send on behalf of our clients. We have Scribes all over the UK and US who come together in our online community to share their talents, find new friends and spread delight through their mutual love of handwritten letters!

Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of great humans and support them through supplemental income with a skill they already have. When you join the Scribe Tribe you become a part of our wonderful online community (and we are delighted to have you!). 
You will be able to take part in all of our events, fun activities, competitions and quizzes. We like to focus on mental health and well-being whilst making new friends and providing an extra supplemental income to support your passions in life.

How does it work?

Once you have been accepted as a new freelance writer you will then have your own personal ‘Scribe Account’ to access our online writer portal. Through the portal you can request and manage your letter writing jobs and keep track of invoices and payments.

Jobs are made of up of either small or large notecards or full page letters (A4, A5 or A6, if you’re in Europe). They’re paid in tiers accordingly per card. Each job shows in advance the number of cards/letters, as well as the deadline for completion and posting.

Jobs appear on the site on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis. Our clever technology will send you a notification (via email or SMS message, up to you!) once new jobs that are relevant to your own handwriting style are available. You’re a freelancer! So just like a traditional job board, when work becomes available you can request when it suits your schedule.

The Scribe Tribe members work all over the UK and the USA!. This opportunity is suitable for anyone in the UK and US with great handwriting and a love of all things letters! You just need a postal address, smart phone and access to the internet!

The Online Community

We have a thriving online community to connect our freelance writers that is hosted on Facebook where we run several inter-tribe initiatives as well as provide opportunities to learn, share, grow and connect.

Pen-Pals: We organise letters between our US and US scribes to connect over the ocean through a love of handwritten letters!

Creative challenges and contestsInside the Tribe we have makers and crafters and creators! We regularly run challenges and Tribe-led learning courses teaching each other lettering, calligraphy, bullet-journalling, scrapbooking, writing and much more. 

Letters to a Friend and CoLoveLetters: We regularly run tribe-led initiatives and have launched a few ‘Care Campaigns’: a letter of thanks, support or love to selected communities such as those in care homes and hospitals, in partnership with some incredible brands that support these people (Open With Care) and a notecard of love, company and combat of loneliness, where notecards were sent to individuals, hero key workers and communities (like care homes) thanking the recipient for their strength and love (the CoLoveLetters). We also host letter exchanges to surprise and delight fellow scribes with a letter of encouragement, motivation and little treats to brighten your day.

We’d love to consider you to write for us! 

Please click on ‘Apply to Write’ tab above or the button below and select whether you would like to apply for the US or UK region.

You can email our Community Manager, on with any questions about joining. You can also head to our FAQ page to read commonly asked questions!