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Open With Care

Surprise and Delight

As a company with a social mission and social enterprise aspect, Inkpact is in the business of delivering thoughtfulness at scale. At the heart of this lies the efforts of our (hand)writers as The Scribe Tribe put pen to paper and deliver thousands of letters each month to the delight of our clients and their customers. 

Letter-writing is a powerful way to communicate with authenticity in the modern, digital age. To send a heartfelt letter to someone who might need their day brightened is just the right thing to do. Creating genuine connection by delivering a letter of appreciation, gratitude, encouragement or support is a small but powerful way for us to continue to live our values. 

Our friends

Open with Care is still in its infancy as a project. 

The premise is that we approach friends and causes we care about and have been told about, in order to surprise and delight the communities involved. For example: sending campaigns to care homes to support carers or alleviating loneliness in older people, or perhaps connecting with patients who are recovering from cancer. 

We’re excited that the first friend we’re working with is SuperCarers.  We’d like to thank their community of carers for all their inspiring work. After reading ‘Still Alice’ in our community bookclub and learning that most of the group had a relative affected by dementia or another debilitating disease, we felt compelled to focus our first Open with Care campaign on the people who work tirelessly to support those in care. 

So how does it work?

The message is written by members of The Scribe Tribe and is addressed to the members, customers or patients of our friends. These letters are genuine, heartfelt and authentic and are personalised to each situation. 

They’re written and posted from our community and we ask for nothing in return. There is no ‘call to action’, no sales pitch, nothing except goodwill and care. 

Can I sponsor a care campaign?

The project is still in it’s early stages, but we’d love to work with brands and causes alike to sponsor our campaigns. Our hope is to send as many letters as we can to a range of communities & causes. We have writers who’ve first-hand experienced joys and tragedies and want to send personal messages to people in similar situations; from being diagnosed or recovering from illness to alleviating loneliness we’d like to send messages to surprise and delight. 

Just contact us: to find out more.